Case Studies

Metocean Multisensory Tide Buoy Project


EGS Australia are currently engaged in a three-year metocean and tide modelling project in the Torres Strait. Five metocean buoys are currently deployed over the area and are continuously measuring tide (GNSS heights) ocean currents (ADCPs). Data is being downloaded by satellite and monitored by EGS Australia in our Perth facility. Over the course of the project a sixth buoy is being used to rotate out the others so that essential maintenance can be carried out at our Torres Strait facility on Thursday Island without any gaps in the dataset.

3D Photogrammetry & Hydrographic Survey


EGS Australia conducted a topographic and hydrographic survey of the rock walls and breakwaters at Geraldton Port in order to provide a baseline on the current status of these structures and identify potential defects.

Topographic survey was carried out using 3D photogrammetry systems mounted on a DJI Matrice 300 aerial drone. The hydrographic survey was carried out using vessel mounted Kongsberg EM2040 Multibeam Echosounder with the transducer head mounted at 30 degrees in order to maximise data coverage up the rock wall and break water. Survey operations needed to be timed such that 3D photogrammetry data was acquired during low tide and multibeam echo sounder data was acquired during high tide therefore ensuring the two data sets could be merged to make a seamless profile.

IHO S-44 Special Order Hydrographic Survey


EGS Australia completed a high-resolution hydrographic survey of anchorages and channels in the Fremantle Ports area. The main purpose of the survey was to accurately determine water depths for the safe navigation and passage of shipping and to locate items of debris, in particular anchors and mooring lines. The survey was required to meet IHO S-44 Special Order, supplemented by Standards of Ports Australia Class A Survey. Additional requirements were for 200% seafloor coverage and for final surfaces to achieve 0.15 metre surface uncertainty.

Order 1A Hydrographic Survey & Tide Modelling


EGS Australia conducted a three-month Hydrographic Survey to IHO S-44 Order 1A standards in the Bass Strait, North of King Island in area of over 3200 km2. The objective of the survey was to improve safety of navigation and update the nautical charts in the area. As part of the project, 18 bottom mounted tide gauges and digital barometers were deployed over the area for the entire three-month project.

3D Photogrammetry & Multibeam Echosounder Survey


EGS Australia carried out a land 3D photogrammetry and hydrographic survey on and around a harbour and breakwater. The 3D photogrammetry survey was conducted over land using DJI Mavic 2 Pro aerial drones. Data was acquired and processed in Pix4Dcapture and Pix4Dmapper. The hydrographic survey was conducted using a vessel mounted Kongsberg 2040 multibeam echosounder. With data being acquired and processed in Qinsy and Qimera. Data was provided to the client as a seamless 3D point cloud containing both multibeam echosounder data and the 3D photogrammetry data.

UXO Survey


EGS Australia carried out a UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) Survey prior to dredging operations as part of a development of a new wharf and associated infrastructure. A target investigation list was created containing targets within the expected UXO ranges of ferrous mass and burial depth. Gradiometer data was interpreted together with MBES and side scan sonar data sets in order to help refine the target list. 

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